PCI Materials specializes in engineering premium grade textiles to meet the requirement of the automotive industry, the construction industry and bedding industry. These textiles include.

Non Woven Fabrics

Non-woven Fabrics

Geo Textile

Geo Textile

Thermo Bonded Felt

Thermo-bonded Felts

Our Textile Division is equipped with hi-tech machines, such as Needle Punching, PE Coating and Airlay Machines.


Needle Punching Machine

Needle Punching Machine

Velour Carpet Needle Punching Machine

Velour Punching Machine

Airlay Machine

Air-Lay Machine

Back Coating Machine

Back Coating Machine

Textile Customers

Bahria Town
Sui Southern Gas Company
Paragon Engineering

Automotive Textile Manufacturers

PCI Materials is one of the leading automotive textile manufacturers specializing in engineering premium-grade textiles and bedding fabric to meet the requirements of the automotive industry, the construction industry and the bedding industry. Our fabrics are used in vehicles to provide the aesthetic look to the interior and sensual comfort and safety to the passengers during the drive. In addition, our textiles are used in engineering projects to stabilize loose soil particles and prevent erosion

Our Textiles include:

  • Non-woven Fabrics
  • Geo Textile
  • Thermo-bonded Felts

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